About PKRE Racing

PK in Bradenton, FL PKRE Racing tests, develops and sells the highest quality nitrous systems and components.  We proudly use and sell products from Speedtech, Nitrous Outlet, Peter Paul Electronics, Neal Performance Innovations, Innovative Racecraft, and many more.  We also sell nitrous and water injection systems we have developed for the top racers in their class. We are not content to sell other companies products as our own, but recognize excellence in their components and are proud to use them in our systems.  We continually test and develop new parts for our product line to fill voids in the industry.Paul Klyczek, owner and founder, uses his more than 20 years of experience, as a drag racer, engine builder, nitrous system developer, machinist and head porter, to develop effective products, solve performance issues, and work with racers to meet their ultimate performance goals. Paul began using and developing nitrous plate systems in the early 1990’s for his own racecar.  Paul’s first complete systems where assembled out of hand built parts, solenoids and small parts acquired from NOS and Nitrous Works. He flow tested using simple scales and the fuel flow turbines on his Super Flow Dyno.

Track tuning in our 1967 GM PD4107 Motor Coach
Track tuning in our 1967 GM PD4107 Motor Coach

Things are tested differently today, PKRE now uses a dedicated nitrous flow bench used in conjunction with a modified Super Flow air flow bench.  The technology used at PKRE Racing makes nitrous testing more predictable and we are able provide our racers with a wealth of information including pounds per hour numbers for the fuel and nitrous jets provided to you with your system. This helps you make predictable changes and know where you started and where you are headed. Today, PKRE Racing still strives to have the best components available for racers by testing new parts and developing new products in our shop and at the race track. Our testing and quality control gives racers solid information to continually improve their race program.


You can email us at pkreracing@hotmail.com or file out the information below if you’re looking for system information.


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